The Program

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All individuals will partake in group counselling and individual counselling.

Group Counselling

We run eight group counselling sessions a week. Spiritual Groups (Christian Based), Drug info Groups (Side effects), Reflection Groups. We have Church every Sunday.

Individual Counselling

We have individual counselling sessions run by Pastoral staff with more than 44 years experience.



  • We currently have 7 rooms that house various numbers of the men at Family Outreach Ministries. We can currently accommodate 40 men.
  • There are showers and toilet facilities available.

Work Group

We have five work groups. Each individual will be placed in one of these five groups.


There are two gardening teams. The first one is the main garden, which includes vegetable gardens, lawns and garden beds. This is where every resident will start. Depending on their progress and their skills they will be moved accordingly. The second garden team works in the smaller gardens around the property. This is where the guys that like working with plants will be placed.


We have a maintenance team that helps with the general upkeep of the facilities. The guys who are handy and skilled will be moved here to help and to further their skills.

Wood work

Our wood work team is a branch of the maintenance. Their goal is to help maintain the furniture and all wood related items on the property.


Every day, Monday to Friday, we have laundry that needs to be washed. One individual normally runs the laundry.


The kitchen is a very important part of the running of the Ministry. This is the heartbeat. All meals are prepared on the property. There is a senior staff member who runs the kitchen and oversees the guys at all times. They do the cleaning and preparation for all the meals. We have three meals a day; breakfast, lunch and supper. We do NOT cater for any special diets. If there are any dietary needs, these will have to be provided by the sponsor


Every individual can enjoy our recreation activities that we have available.

Activities on property

There are two entertainment areas.

  • Pool table
  • Dart board
  • Table tennis equipment
  • Board games
  • Television with D.S.T.V. (Controlled by staff)
  • Swimming pool
  • Cricket nets