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There is no mistaking it—drug abuse is a worldwide epidemic. Has addiction have a grip on you or a loved one? You are no doubt living in your own personal nightmare


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Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.


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We deal with multiple conditions of addiction as well as behaviour modifications.


Also, offer intensive lectures on deliverance from substance abuse, behavioural ways, uncleanliness, and normal dependencies of pharmaceuticals products.


At Family Outreach Ministries, we do not believe an addict is an addict for life. We do not believe addiction is an incurable disease.


The Word of God and the power of the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit takes pre-eminence over every group, daily routine and all activities. We believe that the root of substance abuse is spiritual in nature, not medical. Many modern churches do not subscribe to this, but we can prove it scripturally. We do put the resident through a process of deliverance, if he is willing.


Please do NOT come on this program if you are NOT willing to give the Lord Jesus Christ a chance.


Our basic program runs for 24 weeks. An extended program, which runs for 52 weeks or 104 weeks for successful recovery. We whole-heartedly believe the longer the person stays in a supervised environment, the stronger he will be when he leaves. Longer is stronger!


We can guarantee that a resident who completes a 2-year program in full, and continues to practice what he learns, will maintain a sober life on leaving the Ministry.


Unlike some organisations, we do not operate in a spirit of fear, which we believe is demonic. We realise that those with substance problems are broken and do not need to be broken further.


In Isaiah, 41:10 God tells us “Fear not, for I am with you.”

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We believe that Bible-based recovery programs are more effective and successful than those based on weaker foundations, such as humanistic philosophy and human wisdom, because:

God's wisdom in the Bible is greater than man's wisdom found in psychological theories.

God's power to deliver humans from dependency on chemical substances is greater than the weakness of the counsel of man.

God's gospel of Jesus Christ, the Saviour, has the power to deliver humans from every form of bondage to destructive patterns of behaviour that formed because of man's natural, fleshly human nature.

God's Son, Jesus Christ, delivers from not only bondage to flesh, sin and death, but also new life as a new creation on earth and eternal life in Heaven with God and Jesus.

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    Our Services


    Group Counselling

    We run eight group-counselling sessions a week. Spiritual Groups (Christian Based), Drug info Groups (Side effects), Reflection Groups. We have Church every Sunday.

    Individual Counselling

    We have individual counselling sessions run by Pastoral staff with more than 30 years’ experience.

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    Life Skills

    Work Groups


    Every day from Monday to Friday, we have laundry that needs washing. One individual normally runs the laundry.


    We have a maintenance team that helps with the general upkeep of the facilities.


    Our woodwork team helps in maintaining our properties furniture and all wood related items on the property.


    There are two gardening teams. The first one is the main garden, which includes vegetable gardens, lawns and garden beds. This is where every resident will start. Placing them depends on their progress and their skills. The second garden team works in the smaller gardens around the property.


    The kitchen is a very important part of the running of the Ministry. This is the heartbeat. All meals are prepared on the property. A senior staff member runs the kitchen and oversees the people at all times. They do the cleaning and preparation for all the meals. We have three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and supper. We unfortunately do not cater for any special diets.

    Our Facilities

    Relax and Unwind


    We currently have seven rooms that house various numbers of the men at Family Outreach Ministries. We can currently accommodate 40 men. There are showers and toilet facilities available.


    Every individual can enjoy our recreation activities that we have available. Pool table, Dartboard, Table tennis, Board games, Television with D.S.T.V. (Controlled by staff), Swimming pool, Cricket nets and Gym.

    Our Team

    Our Awesome Team

    Ina Dry

    Pastor and CEO

    Rita Du Preez

    Centre Manager

    Mark Loppnow

    Project Manager

    Meisie Loppnow

    Office Manager

    Renier van Greunan

    House Keeping

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    Business Hours Phone:

    071 291 6653 (Rita Du Preez)

    Email: accounts@familyoutreach.co.za

    After Hours Phone:

    082 878 2123

    079 711 9598 (Pst Ina Dry)


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    What Our Clients Say!


    I am just thankfull. I was against it but I got my son back.
    Thank YOU ALLL

    Jackie Syphus Labuschagne

    Gives u enough time in open nature to reflect and great program if u have an open heart. 😘

    Mariorie Du Preez

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